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Why Buy with Anthem?

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We have in-depth knowledge about entire Bay Area. We can help evaluate your Affordability vs. Neighborhood, Commute Vs. Home size, Public schools vs. Private, distance to schools, parks, highways, public transportation, retail, and healthcare.


Being the Bay Area / Silicon Valley Market leaders with $3+billion in transaction volume gives us the experience to negotiate the best price for you.


 Knowledge of growth trends, and projections that could affect your investment.  Extensive Customer Service, and Transaction Management to assist from House Hunt to Move In.  Affordability, Income vs. Debt, New Home vs. Old + Remodeling.


We have an immense knowledge of Cutting Edge Mortgage Loan products, Super Fast Pre-Approval, Optimum Rates.  We provide you focus, based on your wish list and affordability. We do due diligence and research to maximize your loan benefits.

KCP - 30 Years

 Expertise based on 30 years of experience.  We simplify your search by assisting you to define home and neighborhood criteria, Screen new listings daily, and alert you to those that match your criteria.  How to structure your transaction to win the home for you with an eye on your wallet.


Present new options, help you think outside the box. Innovative ideas, leading edge technology. Keeping you abreast of local market conditions so you can make informed decisions.  Gather in-depth detail on each home, schedule tours and point out the drawbacks with full transparency.

 Find your Dream Home with Anthem

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